Bryan Seeds

29Aug/090 IO Level-1

After discovering from KOrUPt the WarGaming network, I have been addicted ever since!  This network takes all the challenge's of computer software security and encodes it into a highly volatile molotov cocktail of programmer's bliss.  If you desire high level thinking mixed with low level programming or are interested in reversing some code, this has your name written all over it!

Now that I'm done being excited, lets just rip into the first episode (IO) first level (Level1) of this madness.

*Note* This post assumes you have basic knowledge of shell commands, linux x86 assembler, C programming, disassembly, and the GNU Compiler Collection.

Open any SSH Client and connect with :

host : -p 2224
user : level1
pass : leve 1

Once logged in, you will see the MOTD and the basic instructions.  Change directories to appropriate one (levels).