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SEEDS Technologies : New World Wide Web Order – jQuery

Just wanted to first let everyone know that SEEDS Technologies website has been redesigned a bit and includes the jQuery Content Slider to keep things fresh on the homepage. It is still in development progress, and me being so busy on other projects at the moment it gets updated piece by piece, day by day.

So, what I wanted to discuss is jQuery. jQuery has really revolutionized the web world and brought order to a stateless protocol. I love it! It has been many many times that I say to myself, this new age web world rocks! Back in the day I could only dream of this era, and here it is. I am curious to here from everyone some of the sexy and hip things they are doing with jQuery for their applications. After stumbling onto some javascript engineer job posting, it is no doubt that the trend and growth of this library is straight up.

Recently, with some spare time I have been developing jQuery plugins and trying out new code. Aside from hearing what people are doing, I was wondering if anyone has a good idea they would like to share for a jQuery plugin that they need written.

Anyhow, kudos to the library and I enjoy it everyday! Web development is sooo much better with it!