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First, I would like to welcome you into my domain, thoughts, and existence.  It is at the atomic core of my interests to show my gratitude towards readers like you, after all, you are why I'm doing this.  So thank you!

About Me

This 28 year old currently works as a programmer in Cape Canaveral, FL USA.  Among other things too, but these are the primary services that keep my life occupied at the moment.  Over 3 years ago I transplanted here from my home state of Florida where I was primarily a musician, electrician, and computer junky.. ahh the sweet smell of beaches,  sunshine, sounds of music, and shocks of electricity.  It is deeply missed, however Chicago has a place in my heart too and has allowed me to hone my skills as a professional and a gentlemen.


From childhood I always had big dreams!  It all started in the athletic realm with my passion for American football, basketball, baseball, and auto racing.  Success in those areas for me didn't start unfolding until I was in my early teen years when all of my hard work and dedication shined through exposing the fundamentals in which I played, and my abilities to play hard.  These important life lessons I embraced and carried with me into everything I have done.  Things like studying music, religion, fine arts, computer science, mathematics, physics, sociology, and psychology.  Funny when I stop and look back, I started trending more to the intellectual side of things over my hard chiseled athletic dreams?  Why the change?  Hmm... destiny?  Oh, or it was the receipt of an Apple PowerMac 6100, that's right a good 'ole post pizza box that allowed me to shed light into the world of advanced technology and a new born passion.  Prior to finally getting my hands on this machine, I had always taken electronics apart, tinkered and usually would spend every free second at a friends house who's family had computers. Often times playing games or you know studying aeronautics, hieroglyphics, and all the world wonders a kid could love with new found multimedia resources, as limited as they were in 1990 .. oh those were the days!  Anyhow, back to 1995 and my Motorola RISC PowerPC 601 processor cooking at 60mhz!! Oh baby this thing was amazing to me!  However, it didn't take me long to learn software  bought in a standard superstore wouldn't be compatible with Apple's MacOS 7.5.x at the time.  Hah.. this bummed me out a bit.. and isn't it funny how this still applies to their company model in 2009?  My opinions are varied with that thought.  So back on course, no games for my Apple that my friends enjoyed on their "IBM Compatible's"? After figuring this out, I wanted to know why?  Of course that is how my brain always works.. why? .. why?.. why???  Making this long story shorter I turned my studies into the architecture, hardware, and software of my 6100 to understand the differences, learning lots of great ones and not so great ones.  However, it was with this beast that I discovered what a modem was capable of, leading into networking, BBS's, ISP's, Email, IRC, WWW, Hotline (oh yeah a nice perk for awhile for us Mac users), Telnet, Programming, Web Design, Servers, and the list goes on.  After my knowledge advanced by intentionally breaking my computer,  running VirtualPC on it to even break Windows and MS-DOS, and installing virus's to understand how they reacted and using debuggers to view disassembly information, I still wasn't completely satisfied!  So I did the next best thing, yup, dual booted it with MkLinux!  Wow!  What an undertaking that was for a rookie in 1996! However, all worked out nicely and I carried on to work as an Apple Specialist in high school years.  So this is where the background of the natural born hacker that I am today started.  Boy has a lot changed!  And not =)


These days I stay pretty busy studying and trying to keep up with the world of technology and it's code base.  On the agenda is  a future plan to hopefully compile together a book for other interested souls out there and the like.  That is something I have always wanted to do, and get excited about it all the time.  Oh well, until then I will be the go to guy for those who are technologically blind.  Hope you enjoy reading my blog articles and get enjoyment from it, and thank you for your interest and support.